How to select the Safe Fucoidan product?

Fucoidan is a high molecule extracted from brown seaweed; the essential safety factor of Fucoidan product therefore is cleanness of the oceans where the seaweeds are harvested. In addition, it is important to check if the Fucoidan product is manufactured under global standard such as GMP by FDA.


Are you concerned about Raw Material Quality of Fucoidan?

It is very important to make sure that Fucoidan ingredients are harvested from clean oceans. In addition, it is recommended to identify additional quality certificates, such as organic certificates.

NatureMedic® Fucoidan 3-Plus is a great combination of 3 different types of high-quality Fucoidan of Mozuku, Mekabu, Bladderwrack (Fucus) which are from very pristine oceans of Okinawa , Australia and Canada.

In particular, Mekabu and Fucus Fucoidan are Certified Organic from Australia.


Radiation Free?

Are you worried about Radiation?

People concern radiation much more after the tsunami hits Japan in 2011. When choosing Fucoidan products, it is very important to choose a brand satisfying internationally recognized radiation tests and governmental inspections.

NatureMedic® Fucoidan 3-Plus has passed SGS Radiation Test which assures that the product is Radiation-Free.

The final product is directly Imported from Japan and undergoes Strict Entry Reviews by USDA and FDA regarding many Safety Issues.

You can check the radiation test reports for the products currently being sold.

What is SGS?

FDA Standard?

Do you know if the product is manufactured under FDA standard?

US FDA requires all supplement factories to have a GMP certificate. NatureMedic® Fucoidan 3-Plus is manufactured by one of the best pharmaceutical factories in Japan. The factory is certified by GMP and NSF; It has HACCP.


What is GMP and NSF?

Heavy Metal Free?

Are you afraid of Heavy Metal?

Fucoidan is extracted from brown seaweeds growing in the oceans worldwide; it could be exposed to heavy metal due to industrial contamination.

NatureMedic® Fucoidan 3-Plus uses Fucoidan extracted from the cleanest oceans: Atlantic Patagonia, Nova Scotia, and Okinawa.

Furthermore, NatureMedic® Fucoidan 3-Plus has passed SGS Heavy Metal Test which covers Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury.


What is SGS?


Do you want to verify the authenticity of the product? Is the product securely sealed?

Each Nature Medic product has a hologram security label which contains an individual serial number that verifies authenticity of the product. This label will get rid of the fear of buying a fake product.

In addition, all products are securely sealed and packaged. NatureMedic® is proud to be providing the most secured Fucoidan product.


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