How is NatureMedic® Fucoidan powered with AHCC® different from other brands?


The only formulation containing Fucoidan and AHCC® in the world!

This “Fucoidan & AHCC” exclusive formulation includes not only Fucoidan but also AHCC® which is a cultured mushroom mycelia extract that is rich in α-glucans. AHCC® is known as one of the best immune boosters and recommended by more than 700 hospitals in the world. The ingredients in NatureMedic® Fucoidan powered with AHCC® possess all the characteristics to position it as a premium brand in the existing Fucoidan supplement market. It is an upgraded Fucoidan formula that can satisfy the health needs of many customers worldwide in terms of quality and effectiveness.



Fucoidan from two different type of brown seaweeds! Mekabu and Mozuku

Fucoidan is a polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweeds. In more detail, depending on the type of brown seaweed, each Fucoidan has its own unique chemical structure. Due to the differences between each Fucoidan’s chemical structure, the function or effectiveness will vary depending on which brown seaweed it is extracted from. Therefore a product containing a mixture of various type of Fucoidan is likely to help support more than a product using only one type of Fucoidan.


Not like other Fucoidan products that have Fucoidan from one type of brown seaweed, NatureMedic®Fucoidan powered with AHCC® has Fucoidan from two different types of brown seaweeds: Mozuku and Mekabu. This makes the formulation outstanding and differentiated.


NatureMedic® Fucoidan is very safe!

NatureMedic® Fucoidan’s Mozuku and Mekabu Fucoidan are sourced from pristine oceans, in particular, the Mekabu Fucoidan is Certified Organic. Furthermore, the finished product is imported under strict quality inspection of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S Ministry of Agriculture (USDA). These high quality materials and strict import inspections ensure that NatureMedic®  Fucoidan is safe from radiation and heavy metals.

In addition, we regularly conduct separate quality inspections for the final products at SGS (a 140-year-old global company in Geneva, Switzerland), which is the world's top quality assurance company. All the reports are open to the public that you can check the result of radiation and heavy metal tests on NatureMedic® Fucoidan powered with AHCC®anytime.



Provides Only High Purity Fucoidan!


More recent research indicates that Fucoidan has been conducted on 80-90% of high-purity Fucoidan and the purity and efficacy of Fucoidan have a very important correlation.

The two types of Fucoidan in NatureMedic® Fucoidan powered with AHCC® are 85% high-purity, which is incomparable with products containing 20-70% of low-purity Fucoidan extracts.


Manufactured under Global Standards!

According to the standard of Japan's Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) of USA (cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices), NatureMedic® Fucoidan powered with AHCC® is manufactured by one of the best pharmaceutical factories in Japan.

The factory is certified by GMP, NSF, and HACCP.