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Dr. Ali

제 환자의 경우 네이쳐메딕 복용 후,
빠르게 호전되면서 병원 치료로 인한
피로도 거의 없었답니다.

To my amazement, my patient responded remarkably. His level of fatigue and pain were reduced dramatically within a very short period of time after initiation.


치료하면서 몸이 너무 안 좋았는데,
복용 후 부작용이 줄고
마치 정상인 것 같아요!

Despite having a very sensitive body, I have had minimal side effects with the treatments and have been able to continue working and function normally.


5개월 복용 후 판독 결과
70%가 줄었다고 하고
이제 기침도 안 해요!

There is an approx 72% reduction in size after taking Naturemedic for 5 months and no more coughing.

후코이단 효능 논문으로 확인해보세요!

2021년 미국

후코이단과 방사선치료에 대한 논문

To optimize the therapeutic window of these multimodal therapies, advanced nanomaterials have been investigated to deliver sensitizing agents or enhance local radiation dose deposition.

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2024년 브라질

멜라노마 관련 효능 논문

Recent advances in targeted therapy directed at driver mutations along with immunotherapy have only partially improved patients' overall survival, and consequently, melanoma remains deadly when in advanced stages.

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2024년 대만

대장 관련 효능 논문

Our findings demonstrate that VMW-FC significantly impedes CRC proliferation and migration in a dose- and time-dependent manner. Furthermore, it induces sub-G1 cell cycle arrest and an increase in apoptotic cell.

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2024년 태국

폐 관련 효능 논문

Fucoidan (25-100 µg/mL) significantly suppressed A549 cells migration together with reduced the intensity of phalloidin-rhodamine which detect filopodia and lamellipodia protrusions at 48 h of treatment. 

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2019년 폴란드

자궁 관련 논문

Fucoidan significantly decreases cell viability in SK-UT-1, SK-UT-1B, and ESS-1 cell lines, such effect was not observed in MES-SA. Fucoidan was not substantially affecting proliferation among normal cells. The tested agent induced….

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각종 해외기관을 통해 품질인증된 원료 및 공장에서 생산
7년 연속 ‘몽드셀렉션’ 금상 수상 2017~2023
드링크 기준 통과! (FDA FCE: 25054, FDA SID: 2015-01-05/001)
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소량의 캡슐 샘플은 제품의 색, 크기, 맛 복용하기 편리한지 등을 미리 테스트하기 위함이며,
제품의 효과를 판단하기엔 충분한 양이 아님을 양지해주시기 바랍니다.



신청 후 2-5일 이내에
받아보실 수 있으며,
배송비는 무료입니다.



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관련 브로셔



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